group meals

Not sure how much BBQ to order for your group? We'll make it easy on you!

Planning a family holiday or celebration?

Wondering how to feed a bunch of hungry mouths? Spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your people.

carry out packs

one of our BBQ experts is ready to calculate the perfect amount of food for your group.

Family Pack
1 lb of meat, 2 pint sides, Bakery, BBQ Sauce
4 - 6 People
2 lbs of meat, 3 pint sides, Bakery, BBQ Sauce
8 - 10 People
3 lbs of meat, 1 Quart Side and 2 Pint Sides, Bakery, BBQ Sauce
14 - 16 People

5 lbs of meat, 3 Quart Sides, Bakery, BBQ Sauce

bbq is the ultimate large group food.

our selection will make you the hero of your tailgate, party, family get-together or celebration.

Be sure to give us at least 48 hours to have your BBQ ready!